Poder Cívico

Poder Cívico A.C. is a citizen-organized, non-profit, democratic and nonpartisan organization. It is a space for thinking and acting, fostering Mexico’s transformation into a country that is better prepared to meet the needs of its citizens. Based on principles of respect, plurality and tolerance, Poder Cívico seeks to equip citizens with the tools needed for social transformation so that they may live in a free, safe, respectful, responsible and prosperous country. Poder Cívico is a forum for dialogue and a space for structured participation that stimulates new alternatives to improve the work of governments. The annual festival of La Ciudad de las Ideas is one of the programs Poder Cívico organizes to spread scientific knowledge.


La Ciudad de las Ideas

La Ciudad de las Ideas is a festival of bright minds, a celebration of humanity’s creativity and curiosity. With the participation of over 60 speakers –scientists, humanists and opinion leaders– the festival takes place from the 16th to the 18th of November in Puebla, Mexico. At this unique event, we also offer an artistic and cultural program that includes short films, artistic interventions, and more.


Gifted Citizen

Gifted Citizen initiative is born in the setting of the International brilliant minds festival, La Ciudad de las Ideas. (, its purpose is to benefit humanity with its creativity and innovation by the means of social enterprise that can impact 10 million people over the next six years. A Gifted Citizen is a talented citizen and a social entrepreneur who joins a movement of change and improvement through his projects. He is part of a community of people with extraordinary ideas and active passion who benefit significantly other people's lives. For a Gifted Citizen limits are non-existent and nothing is impossible.

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