Information for Applicants

Pitch@Palace LATAM welcomes applications across a broad range of Technology-related categories from Entrepreneurs from or connected to Latin America. Start Ups at all stages are encouraged to apply, from "An Idea on Paper" through to commercialised Enterprises.

As part of Pitch@Palace Global, Pitch@Palace LATAM aims to develop links between Latin American Entrepreneurs and UK Entrepreneurs. Therefore, Entrepreneurs with an ambition to expand internationally and form links with the UK are particularly encouraged to apply.

Applications should be made through Pitch@Palace LATAM website (http://www.pitchatpalacelatam.com/).

Applications will be evaluated by a panel of Pitch@Palace Judges with expertise across a wide range of sectors. The evaluation will consider the commercial potential of the idea, the potential social impact, and the Entrepreneurs' ability to execute the idea.

Between 10 and 20 Applicants will be selected to Pitch at Pitch@Palace LATAM at La Ciudad de las Ideas on 17th-19th November 2016. They will also have the opportunity to be mentored by elevators, who are leading investors, business executives and influencers. Two representatives from each business are able to attend Pitch@Palace LATAM.

The winners of Pitch@Palace LATAM will be invited to attend Pitch@Palace Global at St. James’s Palace, Marlborough Road, London SW1A 1BS, UK on 7th December, 2016. Further information about Pitch@Palace Global can be found on the website (http://pitchatpalace.com/what-is-pitchpalace-global/).

Terms and Conditions

By submitting an Application for Pitch@Palace LATAM, you hereby confirm that all information you submit is true, current, and complete. Illegible, incomplete or fraudulent entries will be rejected.

The Judges' decision is final.

Pitch@Palace LATAM reserves the right to make changes to the event programme at any time, and accepts no responsibility or liability for any force majeure, for example the cancellation / postponement / change of venue of the final event or the availability of mentors.

Applications for Pitch@Palace LATAM are used for internal review and communication purposes only. We will never share your data with third parties without your permission.

By submitting a Pitch@Palace LATAM Application, you hereby consent to being photographed and filmed at all stages of the event. Pitch@Palace C.I.C. retains the exclusive right over all media created in relation to the event. Any use of such media must first be approved by the Pitch@Palace team.

Any reference to Pitch@Palace LATAM and any other Pitch@Palace initiative shall be under the direction of Pitch@Palace C.I.C.

By submitting your application, you are deemed to accept these terms and conditions.