Mensaje de SAR el príncipe Andrés, duque de York sobre Pitch@Palace a La Ciudad de las Ideas
A message from the prince Andres, Duke of York, about Pitch@Palace at La Ciudad de las Ideas

A message from the prince Andres, Duke of York, about Pitch@Palace at La Ciudad de las Ideas

"It is, probably, the most important three minutes in the lives of many young entrepreneurs"

Pitch@Palace, hosted by The Duke of York at St James's Palace in April, was the first event of its kind. 12 start-up companies from across the UK got the chance to pitch their business idea to 300 potential investors and mentors.

Pitch@Palace 4.0

Pitch@Palace 5.0 Boot Camp

Pitch@Palace 5.0 - VirtualVet

DART is a diabetic retinopathy screening through an automatized processing of digital images and web telemedicine. This innovative initiative has been awarded by the Chilean government and it's a finalist for the 2015 innovation award of the European Society.

HCJ is a software specialized in teaching people with some disability.

Diseclar uses recycled plastic and vegetal fibers to replace timber used in construction.

MedSif is a device designed to detect anemia through saliva, thus, creating a new way of analysis.

Cleanwatt is the first initiative which seeks to change the way electric energy is produced and consumed in biomass systems.

Reach is an international platform of civil security that seeks to integrate authorities and people to fight against crime using GPS. It aims to reduce citizen insecurity, the chances of robbery, kidnapping and homicides worldwide.

Camilo José Herrera, is an alumnus of the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme, he studied Business at EAN University, he won the Energy Global Award in Austria, and recently received the title of TR35 by MIT.

Glatt Stove distributes cook stoves and fuel that do not produce smoke, to save the lives of people who still cook with biomass and charcoal. It hopes to improve the health of 3 billion people around the world and to stop the polluting and deforesting the communities.

DrosselTech is a project aimed at the development of applied technologies for disabled people.

X-Runner Venture implements dry toilets, equipped with an innovative technology based on a system that separates urine from fecal feces.

Social Entrepreneur by Folha de São Paulo Publication. He was elected by Forbes Magazine as one of the most promising young Brazilians by MIT’s Technology Review as one of the 35 top innovators in the world.